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6th May 2015 : Today done the in place upgrade to build 10074 and findings so far
All NICs on the server was in disabled state and no way to enable them. Uninstalled the NICs from device manager and initiated scan for hardware changes, got the network cards back and in working state.
All the VMs were intact post upgrade but none of them were communicating on the network. Have to recreate all VM switches, even those are internal also to get the VMs on network.
Not finding windows update anywhere, fortunately sconfig ==> 6 working


I work as an Enterprise architect, for over 10 years now with overall 20 years of IT experience, I love to explore technology with my long Infra experience. My post here are the outcome of some of the deployments that I did, to help others as well as be a reference point for me. Scripts used are on the EAFP principle i.e. not much error handling. Hence please check them before use and at your own risk.

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