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My earlier post on Lync 2013 on Virtual Infra gives a quick insight into the current deployment. As part of transition to skype for business server (SFBS), there are list things that need to be considered including improvement requirement.

  • Scalable storage IOPS to meet the growing service usage
    • Dedicated RAID volume for each front end server in the Lync 2013 infra is good but keep on adding new storage to scale out is no longer a practical option and hence the storage should be scalable to IOPS demand.
  • Primary option for PSTN requirement
    • PSTN opens up a new paradigm. Things like dial-pan, LBR to meet regulation, meeting user dialling habit goes from location level to enterprise level. Hence, minutes details and accuracy from IP subnets to Region mapping needs to be aligned.
  • Disaster recovery
    • Over the period Lync has become the primary mode of communication for business and hence DR is a must now.
  • Integrate with current infra, not only for voice but also for video
    • It a pain for anyone to remember when to use what and on top of procedure to follow to make booking or schedule.
  • Flexible reporting to know what’s going on as well as show back the usage
    • Deploying a great infra is not great as long as not able to showcase what good it is doing. Reporting a plays, a critical role to see what’s going well and what’s not as well letting stakeholders know the ROI. Lync reporting is detailed but without SQL reporting customization it’s not something to get a specific view like overall PSTN usage.

In this post series I will be covering the new SFBS infrastructure along with the deployment walk through.

  1. High level design consideration
  2. Base infra deployment
  3.  Backend deployment

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