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Inputs like failed disk or communication lost etc. can give a clear indication for replacing storage disk. However, things like intermittent IO issues are bit difficult to determine if the disk requires replacement. SMART information of the disk, HBA etc. as discussed in the last post would be requires in such cases.

By and large this checklist to be used once a disk for replacement is identified process would have these check list

  • Get the disk retired
    • $ failied_disk = Get-PhysicalDisk PhysicalDisk-1 or through the GUID of the disk as displayed in event log Get-PhysicalDisk | ?{ $_.ObjectId -Match “{f71e3a2c-fcef-8ea1-827a-6234d94124e2}” } |
    • $failed_disk | Set-PhysicalDisk -Usage Retired
  • Get the dependency of virtual disk on the disk removed
    • Either by getting the VD based on the disk and then repairing them $failed_disk | Get-VirtualDisk |Repair-VirtualDisk
    • Or just get all of them not in good state and get the repair Get-VirtualDisk|? OperationalStatus -ne “OK”|Repair-VirtualDisk
  • Remove the disk from pool
    • $poolName = $failed_disk | Get-StoragePool | ? IsPrimordial –eq $False
    • Remove-PhysicalDisk –StoragePoolFriendlyName $poolName.
      FriendlyName –PhysicalDisks $failed_disk
    • Check no pending storage Jobs with Get-StorageJob
    • Check storage pools are healthy with get-storagepool
  • Turn on the LED indicator for the service engineer to locate disk and replace
    • $ failied_disk | Enable-PhysicalDiskIndication
    • Other Option is to use enclose management tool of storage
      • secli.exe blink drive –d = drive_serial_number # serial number of the drive can be obtained using Get-PhysicalDisk
  • Add the replaced disk back to the pool
    • $replaceddisk = Get-PhysicalDisk # CanPool would be true for this disk
    • Add-PhysicalDisk –StoragePoolFriendlyName $poolName.
      FriendlyName –PhysicalDisks $replaceddisk

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