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I tried improving server infra as well network as part of improving the user experience using skype for business service. However, there are still elements like end system, microphone used etc. that impacts the quality. CDR are CQM holds this info and along with the new in Skype for Business Server the Rate My Call feature, where users can give a 5-star rating to the call. Built in reporting service in Skype for Business can details lot about these failures. However, two challenges. They are predefined and works against the database that constantly taking feed form all servers and active client, hence tend to render slow for a large deployment. Using SQL queries some of these challenges can be overcome like pulling specific details and analysing them using excel file. Call Quality Methodology that gives a broader look at Call Quality and quick insight into top areas of concern does the same with predefined queries written by experts. CQM V1.5 supports Skype for Business and rate my call feature.

CQM download is a zip file that needs to be unzipped on a system with Office Excel installed. Same folder needs to be copied into a frontend server and the Powershell script CQM needs to be invoked with start data, end date, monitoring server details and folder where it need to dump the data.

.\CQM.ps1 -StartTime "1/1/2016" -EndTime "31/1/2016 " -QoECdrInstance sfbs-mondb -DataRoot C:\Report\CQM\Jan-16 -QoECdrVersion SfB2015

This would generate series of CSV file under a folder CQM_Data_<current_date> under the given DataRoot folder. Once done, this folder need to be copied to the system with excel file. Inside the CQD unzipped folder, the excel file “Microsoft Call Quality Methodology Scorecard for Skype for Business Server v15.xlsm” would help analysing these data, obtained from monitoring server database.

Generate Stream Distribution charts would give a quick visualization on how various components are contributing towards good and poor audio steam in the enterprise.

Likewise, other reports like top 10 issues and final one “Scorecard sheet”. Overall approach would be to bring everything under Green so that service experience using Skype for Business can be ensured.

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